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From startups to seasoned businesses, we help to establish or improve your performance in the marketplace. Starting with a thorough analysis of your business processes, we exist to assist YOU, the business owner, with the development of plans for success and/or improvement. Let us help you develop your company’s blueprint for more effective and efficient ways of performing work tasks – ways that will increase the profitability of your business. Besides, if profitability was not a goal, we would all be volunteers.

We will never offer our clients a generic or prepackaged strategy for their business success. Instead, we develop plans for each client that are unique, relevant and specific to their needs and goals. We believe that only the client can define what success looks like for them. So we make no attempts to define it for you or to make someone else’s definition of success suit your vision of your success.


We are excited about the opportunity to see another client succeed. So let us help you move your business to its next level with direction and purpose.

Client Testimonials

Whoever said what you don’t know can’t hurt you was obviously not in business for himself. The tips and guidance we received and continue to receive have been invaluable to our business. Thanks KAI for your patience, your professionalism and most of all, your diligence.

- T. Johnson




When we sought help from the Management team of KAI, we had no idea that our business wasn’t properly set up. KAI corrected our problems with the State, got our business up and running properly and put us on the road to success. Now we can concentrate on building on what we have learned.

- A. Founders

Business Management

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